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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What The F**K, Wednesday! The Food for Mood Primal Revolution...


1. first; original; primeval: before the appearance of life on earth.
2. of first importance; fundamental: the primal resources of a nation.

Word Origin & History

1602, "belonging to the earliest age," from M.L. primalis "primary" (1485), from L. primus "first" (see prime (adj.)). Psychological sense, in ref. to Freud's theory of behaviors springing from the earliest stage of emotional development, is attested from 1918.





This morning I was thinking what to post.

I thought of all the people I know in life who need a 'Scrooge Intervention', meaning, they need to be thrust into their own Christmas Carol so they are forced to see the errors of their ways and realize how grateful and lucky they truly should fucking be.

But this won't happen. The only way real changes happens is when it is primal. When we feel it with our entire being. When it is the first and only emotion.

Only when greedy and nasty Scrooge is faced with the inevitability of his own DEATH does he change.

Why is the story so moving?

Because it's primal.

Making us feel primal emotions is the goal of all great art.

It is the same with food and our pathological eating disorders.

No one will ever change their food behaviors unless it becomes a primal necessity. The only time we every truly change is when the need to change is fueled by a primal emotion. You can't logic this out, you can't read a book to figure this out, you can't will yourself to not pick up the KFC for dinner tonight.

You will only stop eating bad food and eat good food when the will to do so is fueled by a primal emotion.

It's why I point out The Biggest Loser and Scared Straight and show clips of extremely emotional scenes from famous movies. These cause us to feel and the sensation of feeling is what makes us change.

Biggest Loser is very emotional. So is Scared Straight. But it makes people change. For good.

Our favorite movies are all primal. Our favorites works of art are primal. We go to sporting events because the celebration and sheer fun of being in a stadium with thousands of other people is primal. Rock concerts. Live theater. Listening to your iPod.


So the answer to a true food revolution in this country isn't based on this diet or that diet or logically considering the pros and cons of calories in/calories out.

The true Mood and Food Revolution will take place only when we feel we must change or else we are doomed.

This is why I love all of the shit Scrooge is put through in A Christmas Carol. He doesn't want to change, there is no endless talking about him needing to change, he doesn't talk about wanting to change, yet of course we know he must change because he's a miserable asshole, so the change is brought to him in primal way and bingo!

He changes for good.

No recipe for today, no boring food witticisms, no funny quotes from funny chefs...

Just take this feeling and remember what it feels to feel because I'll return to the act of feeling often on this blog.



  1. True, oh so the bottom is emotion that has to surface for change to take place...

  2. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.