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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boost Your Mood!

I'm all about food and mood.

That is my deal and that is the goal of my little blog.

Research and science shows when you eat certain foods you feel certain moods.

It's scientific FACT.

I cook keeping one eye on how nutrition affects the body and the other on how it affects a person's mood. I try to eat at much positive-inducing food and snacks as I can to feel better. And I have to tell works.

I see so many magazines starting to understand the correlation between mood and food. Here is your little tidbit for today.

As I listed in a previous posting, B12 is a great source of what I call a 'feel good' food. How? Well...a lack of B12 can result in loss of appetite, sleep and a steep dive into depression.

To increase B12 in your diet, have low-fat yogurt for breakfast and add a few bits of fresh raspberries or a tablespoon of your favorite low-sugar jam.


One serving of 8 ounces of low-fat yogurt with one tablespoon of jam and a handful of berries tops out at a mere 180 calories.


I've posted before how a lack of folate-enriched foods in your system can result in an unstable and erratic mood. Raw edamame is very rich in folate. Have a handful as a snack between meals! Only 100 calories per 3/4 cup!

Toss a cup of fresh broccoli on your lunchtime salad and get a double dose of folate!

Yes! Yes!

I posted a long time ago about the rewards of carbs. Yes, we all feel they are evil, but we know they are not! Whole grains have loads of fiber. If we eat carbs with whole grains then we feel full longer and the effects of carbs - that delightful, soothing calm they give us (science has proven this!) - it last much, much longer with whole grains!

Don't get a white bread bagel in the AM - get a whole grain bagel (Starbucks sells them all the time now and so do most delis and bakeries) - add a tablespoon of peanut butter or have with 1/2 cup of low-fat and low-sat cottage cheese and you are only eating 275 calories and getting your daily dose of a carb 'high.'

Yes! Yes! And...


You are in control of the food you put into your body.

Eat the right foods and you will feel the 'right' moods!

I'm Mikey! And I'm your emotional FOOD THERAPIST!

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