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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bobby Flay, Food Network and THE BEEF

Have you seen the new issue of The Food Networks' magazine? It's a very curious thing.

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I won't get into questioning why the Food Network is entering the foodie mag biz when it's the last thing we need, but if there is one thing Food Network is, it's ambitious and determined to make their brand the #1 on the food channel market.

The outside of the newest issues promises the Ultimate Bobby Flay Burgers!

Personally, I have a feeling Bobby Flay isn't a nice guy. I don't know for sure, but there is a smugness about him. Maybe he's a good guy. He is a New Yorker, I love hard-edged New Yorkers with a soft heart, but I gotta feeling there is no soft mushy center to this guy. He does look good nowadays, though. He's lost some weight. Not that I can talk.

Inside of the magazine are some 'wacky' Bobby Flay photos of the guy holding a burger 1,000 different ways. And the recipes?

Okay, all about the toppings Bobby LOVES and pushing, pushing, pushing his new restaurants and not on word about what goes INSIDE OF A BURGER. I'm sorry, but anybody who cooks burgers and doesn't at least address this makes me suspicious.

I know, Bobby Flay is the king of all things meat and barbecue, I know, I know, but for a HOMECOOK, which is the audience for this magazine, I was shocked there wasn't more about the beef itself. Only 'use 80% lean chuck.' Well, sure. You use the fattiest meat out there of COURSE the burger will be tasty.

Keep looking inside past the few burger 'topping' recipes and all you see is a listing, in each state, of one burger place you can visit.

I'm sorry, but do you really think Bobby Flay at his three very popular burger restaurants only cooks with 80% fat unseasoned beef and tops it off? I'll bet you he shoves all sorts of stuff in side of the meat.

Like a slice of white bread with a tablespoon of milk, a sliced garlic clove and a teaspoon of table sauce or Worcester.

Or how about a turkey burger with French mustard, shallots and fresh pepper?

What about a lentil burger? Bulgar burger? How about how to make the perfect turkey burger?

If this magazine is going to last, it has to cut back the PR of it's branded stars and put the food FIRST.

Now go make a burger and be happy. But put something IN the meat as well. Please.


Your Food Therapist.
Mikey Bryan


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  2. I messed up the first post, so deleted it....ok let's try again...if you highlight your link and then click on the paperclip icon you can make it active so people can easily go where you want them to go...hahah - love you blog :) My choice would be for a juicy turkey burger with carmelized onions :)