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Monday, March 23, 2009


(or, how to find that little voice)…

"All things are possible, if you believe..." (Mark 9:23)

For my dearest moody foodies…

A few weeks ago I chose to take down my original blog for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons was my lack of compassion for people in my life who have treated me very well and did not deserve some of my, um, slightly snarky ways. I am still trying to forgive myself; they have forgiven me fully and I am very thankful.

Cynicism is very tired and we shall have none of it here! Banish thee!

Another of the other reasons I took it down was because I decided the tone and the theme of this blog (and, hopefully, the reality TV show and published cookbook) needed to be re-examined. Such is the creative process!

The idea behind The Food Therapist is simple. It was to be a reality TV show where people come to me with their relationship issues and I help them heal through the making and preparation of health-oriented, tasty and budget-friendly food for those they love or wish to love.

Of course, I am a very, very emotionally sensitive guy which makes me extremely introspective and hell-bent on figuring out my life, thus making me the perfect guy for helping others. I have issues, as we all do, with unconditional love and acceptance in others.

But the real truth? The real reason I am meant to help others? Something is expanding within me (and no, it’s not the bland Gumbo I had last night). I am finally trusting that small, tiny voice in me (and in you) which knows the right actions to take and the right people to trust and treat with compassion and respect.

Does this mean I don’t rely on my shrink or my friends of my sister or partner? No, but it means it’s becoming comfortable checking in with myself first, and then checking in with others. Let me tell you – it feels fantastic.

I’ve had loads of feedback since I took the old blog down. One of my favorites was from my friend Gregory Grunston who said the blog and potential TV show is how “Life happens over food.” Great one-liner, huh?

Life does happen over food. It happens but it doesn’t happen to us, we make it happen. We choose how we want to live our lives. We choose the direction in which it goes.

Don’t get me wrong, I think there is divine intervention and I believe the saying “We make plans and God laughs” is the truth, but you can’t deny reality when it smacks you in the face. We must take responsibility for our lives and that means making smart, conscious decisions by listening to the little voice inside of us which knows the right thing to do, always.

I, The Food Therapist, am here to help you do just that!

This project will focus on celebrating the drive we all have to achieve our relationship, career and life goals while also accepting the glories and the annoying bullshit inherent in all aspect of life while making some KICK-ASS FOOD!

Starting tomorrow, I will post a whole new series of recipes full of flavor, taste, style and pizazz!


Mikey Bryan - YOUR Food Therapist


  1. Woohoo! THE food therapist is back! Congratulations :) Much love and success always....

  2. Hello From Prague !!! :) yammy web site:) Was nice to meet you in Prague! We will find for you some nice recipe - also for others who will read your blog. :) by Jaroslava (body therapist) :), Prague